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14 Aug 2012 08:00
Toll Transitions Relocates 25,000 ADF Personnel Per Year With Support From Oracle Policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation reduces relocation processing time from three days to one hour

Sydney, Australia – August 14, 2012

News Facts

  • Toll Transitions, part of the Toll Group, provides removal and relocation services to 300 Australian organisations and government departments. Toll Group is a leading provider of logistics services, operating a network of more than 1,200 sites in 55 countries across Asia.
  • In late 2009, Toll Transitions announced that it had been selected by the Australian Department of Defence to provide removal and relocation services for a period of five years, at a contract value of $1 billion.
  • As part of the tender, Toll Transitions was seeking a technology partner to provide a business rules engine that could be used to automate the process of relocating ADF personnel, including flights, temporary accommodation, allowances and reimbursements.
  • Toll Transitions selected OPA to form part of the company’s tender after a series of highly customised product demonstrations confirmed that the solution would provide a key differentiator against other logistics companies and create confidence in Toll’s ability to manage the complexity of the ADF’s relocation rules and allowances.
  • Oracle Consulting, in conjunction with Toll, derived complex source material from the ADF’s Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), which contains 12,000 decision-tree entries. These were configured in OPA to create a set of executable rules to automate the relocation process.
  • By automating the 12,000-line decision tree within PACMAN, OPA can now determine whether a member is entitled to relocation, and the exact terms of that relocation, in around three to four seconds.
  • Using OPA, Toll Transitions can now process an entire relocation application in as little as thirty minutes that previously would have taken up to two days of manual processing.
  • OPA has also enabled the ADF to better audit its operating expenses in relation to removals and relocation. Because OPA is consistent across all calculations for entitlements and allowance payments the ADF has a single point of audit to ensure that the correct decisions are being made. Each calculation is backed up with a comprehensive report detailing the decision and can be audited to chapter and paragraph within PACMAN.

Supporting Quotes

  • “Oracle Policy Automation has enabled us to develop a system that provides 25,000 Australian Defence Force personnel per year with a better relocation experience, more certainty about their entitlements, and a single point of contact during a difficult and stressful time,” commented Nigel Maloney, National Manager, Strategic Systems, Toll Transitions.
  • “Oracle Policy Automation determines in a matter of seconds whether or not a member is entitled to be relocated and their total travel, disturbance and meal allowances,” added Maloney. “Prior to implementing Oracle Policy Automation, there were some calculations that we simply could not do due to their complexity. By streamlining the process and associated policies with OPA, these calculations are now possible, which in turn reduces stress levels for processing staff.”
  • “Critically, the deployment of Oracle Policy Automation removes uncertainty around whether or not personnel are receiving correct entitlements and ensures answers to members’ questions are consistent across all channels such as online and through our call centre,” explained Maloney, “ADF Members can receive a comprehensive report detailing all decisions made when calculating entitlements and allowances. The report details each decision in the process and is linked to each chapter and paragraph within PACMAN."
  • “Toll Transitions’ deployment of Oracle Process Automation perfectly illustrates the solutions’ ability to be tailored to highly bespoke, complex applications,” commented Anthony Bettanin, General Manager, Oracle Policy Automation, Asia Pacific. “To automate business rules around the 12,000 decision-tree entries in the ADF’s Pay and Conditions Manual so that complex entitlements can be easily calculated in a matter of seconds is a great outcome, as is the reduction in total relocation application processing times from two days to as little as thirty minutes.”

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About Toll Transitions

Toll Transitions, part of Toll Group, is the Asian region's leading provider of integrated logistics, generating an annual revenue of AU$8.2 billion and operating an extensive network of over 1,200 sites in 55 countries.

Toll's access to transport and infrastructure assets includes road fleets, warehousing, ships, air freight capacity, ports and rail rolling stock.

These assets when combined with operational expertise and technology solutions, are aimed at driving supply chain efficiencies to deliver best practice in supply chain management for Toll's diverse customer base.

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